Rosabrook Veterinary Services provide veterinary care for cattle, and a wide variety of other farm animals. Our aim is to provide a professional and friendly large animal service to the Margaret River and surrounding regions. Our business is focussed on achieving excellent animal health care and maximum client satisfaction.

Rosabrook Veterinary Services

Our aim is to provide a professional and friendly large animal service to the Margaret River and surrounding regions.

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  • Cattle Health

    We have services and products for Dairy, Beef and hobby farmers with individual needs for their farms. We are also particularly committed to preventative medicine and herd health. Our continued presence in the farming sector relies on a keen awareness of the rural economy and consistently achieving successful outcomes.  Our office is conveniently located in […]

  • Sheep Health

    Whilst the individual animal value of many commercial sheep does not always warrant the expense of a veterinary visit, our impact upon health, production and welfare is very significant when we oversee flock health programs.  We offer expertise in all areas of sheep health and production including: worm control, nutrition, and vaccination programs. Services Disease […]

  • Alpaca Health

    Health Checks Pregnancy Testing (Ultrasound from 4 weeks). Worm Egg Counts (Parasite Control) Surgery (Castrations, etc)

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Catch up on out latest large animal work in the Margaret River region.

  • RPM headbails in stock.

    Superlock Headbail

    RPM CATTLE HANDLING EQUIPMENT – Safe, Quiet, Efficient and Strong. At RVS we are literally at the sharp end of handling cattle. We have experience of a massive range of facilities ranging from downright dangerous and painfully slow, to fast, safe and easy. After using cattle crushes of various designs we have come to agree […]

  • Cattle Health Supplies


    We are selling cattle health supplies, including trace elements, worm drench, vaccine, fly control and many other products for the health of your cattle. All products at competitive prices.  Quality animal health advice to allow the best product to be used for the particular application.  

  • Wipe out BVDV virus before it wipes you out.

    Typical Mucosal Disease Calf

    Costly Reproductive Disease needs attention. Overview Over 70% of Australian farms are actively infected with BVDV. International studies have shown that BVD costs beef and dairy producers $15-$100 per breeding cow per year. What is BVDV? BVDV stands for Bovine Viral Diarrhoea Virus. It belongs to a family of viruses called Pestivirus.  It is spread […]