Rosabrook Veterinary Services provide veterinary care for cattle, horses and a wide variety of other farm animals. Our aim is to provide a professional and friendly large animal service to the Margaret River and surrounding regions. Our business is focussed on achieving excellent animal health care and maximum client satisfaction.

Rosabrook Veterinary Services

Our aim is to provide a professional and friendly large animal service to the Margaret River and surrounding regions.

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  • Cattle Health

    We have services and products for Dairy, Beef and hobby farmers with individual needs for their farms. We are also particularly committed to preventative medicine and herd health. Our continued presence in the farming sector relies on a keen awareness of the rural economy and consistently achieving successful outcomes.  Our office is conveniently located in […]

  • Equine Health

    Horse Health and Well-being. Whether a top-level competition or pleasure horse, we understand the importance of compassionate, and professional veterinary care.  As well as dealing with emergencies, we are also committed to preventing disease and maximising day to day health for your horse. Our focus is on routine dental care, vaccinations, nutrition and drenching ensuring […]

  • Sheep Health

    Whilst the individual animal value of many commercial sheep does not always warrant the expense of a veterinary visit, our impact upon health, production and welfare is very significant when we oversee flock health programs.  We offer expertise in all areas of sheep health and production including: worm control, nutrition, and vaccination programs. Services Disease […]

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Catch up on out latest large animal work in the Margaret River region.

  • RPM headbails in stock.

    Superlock Headbail

    RPM CATTLE HANDLING EQUIPMENT – Safe, Quiet, Efficient and Strong. At RVS we are literally at the sharp end of handling cattle. We have experience of a massive range of facilities ranging from downright dangerous and painfully slow, to fast, safe and easy. After using cattle crushes of various designs we have come to agree […]

  • Equine Dentistry LOgo

    EQUINE DENTISTRY  Click image below to access our latest brochure.  

  • Equine Dental Care


    It is recommended that your horses teeth should have an annual dental examination, Some horse’s may need a 6 monthly check up.  Many horses develop more serious problems in tooth wear related to undershot mandibles and poor dental conformation (jaw shape).  These problems when ignored result in reduced effective chewing function, which further exacerbates uneven […]